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See below for screenshot and explanation of Search impact.

Categories within Google's suite of Webmaster Tools

Here are the Google webmaster tools categories as they look when you are logged in (left).
Below is the same structure with clickable links which go to a Hard Web webpage with a screenshot of what is on that webmaster tools category page (in my own webmaster tools account).

Webmaster tools - +1 Metrics - Search impact

The new +1 vote of "popularity" or "success" or "approval" is taking a little while to catch on in my opinion. I have had the button on my homepage for a while now and from my research eveyone wonders what it is and hardly anyone has used it.

Nonetheless Google is giving us an impressive suite of tools to encourage us to get on board. This tool tells us how much a page has improved in the Google rankings after it has been popularised by a few zillion +1 clicks...definitely none of my pages will be registering for this metric I feel.

Help on 4 topics related to +1 metrics (new window).
See the Google tools Help page on "Search impact" (new window).
How to add a +1button to your website (new window).

Screenshot (below) of what the category "Search impact" looks like from within a Webmaster Tools account.

From within a webmaster tools account this graphic is a screenshot of the Search impact category


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